Looking for an affordable, short term signage solution that’s high impact? Corflute signs could be the perfect option for your Perth business.

This form of plastic signage is cost-effective and economical, making it a great option when needing bulk supplies. Corflute signs are light weight yet sturdy and are also UV resistant.

Corflute signs in Perth are commonly used in the following applications:

• Construction sites

• Exhibition and events

• Real estate

• Election posters

• Trade shows

Why order a corflute sign?

What makes corflute signs so attractive to businesses is their versatility. They’re safe to handle, and light and easy to cut, bend and install. They can be stapled, screwed, tied up with cable ties, and stuck on with adhesive or silicon. For a longer lasting temporary sign, we recommend having eyelets fitted in the corners.

Why choose us?

As Perth’s leading sign manufacturing and installation specialist, SignBiz WA have been supplying high-quality banner printing and signage solutions for over 20 years. We employ the latest factory technology and design methodology to ensure a high standard across all our products and can design, manufacture and install a range of signage solutions, including corflute signs, at affordable prices.

Our in-house creative design team are on hand to collaborate with you and your business to create high impact signage that reflects your brand and budget.

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Full colour corflute signs in Perth are perfect for attracting attention and brand awareness and are a great way to grow your business when you’re on a small budget.

If you’re interested in how we can provide high-quality custom corflute signs or other signage solutions for your business, drop us a line. You can contact us via email at  sales@signbizwa.com.au or call us on 0451 565 461 for a free quote.