If I was to have signage completed on my vehicle, generally how long will my vehicle be out of action for to have the signage/wraps installed?

For basic vehicle signage, at SignBiz WA, we can complete this service while the customer waits. This time frame can be anywhere from 30 mins to 1 ½ hours. For full body car wraps, our team will need your car on premises for just 1 day, or if you’re after a really intricate full body car wrap, we may need your car on premises for as long as 2 days.

Am I able to supply the sign artwork to you and if so, how would you prefer the artwork to be supplied to you?

You are welcome to provide your own artwork or any artwork that will assist us in creating your sign, in a PDF format. All files required are pdf or eps to size or 50%. All text is to be created to outlines and with 10mm bleed.

Can you ensure correct colour matching for the branded business signs?

Yes at SignBiz WA, we can match any colours and also have various colour charts on file for you to view.

Is there a deposit required?

At SignBiz, we require a 50% deposit for all of our orders, before we can begin any printing or ordering.

Can you custom make signs?

Yes, just about all of our signs in Perth are custom made to suit our customer’s sizes and personal requirements.

Can I use a design that I’ve created myself for my banners?

We are able to use your design if your custom design is completed in Adobe Illustrator or Photo Shop, and if your artwork is finalised and print-ready. At SignBiz WA, we cannot print jpg or PNG files, as these are not classified as print-ready files. We have a full-time in house graphic designer that is capable of re-creating just about anything that you desire, so just ask us and we can create something unique for you.

What kind of exhibition signage do you provide?

We provide all exhibition signage. All banners, flags, A- frames, display counters, banner mesh and much more.

What is the best type of shop front signage to use?

Most of our personalised shop front signs in Perth are printed on a vinyl material or on a metal background.

How long will my signs last for?

Our vinyl cut signs will generally last anywhere between 7 – 9 years. Our digital printed vinyl signs can last anywhere between 3-5 years, depending on direct sun light and other weather conditions.

What type of vinyls do you use for your vinyl cut signs?

At SignBiz WA, we only use the best quality vinyl brands; Avery, 3m and Arlon


If you require any more information or have a query In regards to any of our services, please contact us today!