For high impact signage that literally stands out against the crowd, pylon signs may be the answer. These types of signs have a number of advantages, including their durability, visibility and versatility, making pylon signage a great option for many Perth businesses. Here at SignBiz WA, we offer an array of customisable options for premium pylon signs in Perth and will work with you to ensure the final product accurately reflects your company’s brand.

While it is important to prioritise developing and optimising your range of products, this can sometimes mean advertising your business is overlooked, leaving many businesses struggling to find the optimal way to attract new customers. However, many studies show that if a business has clear signage with great eye appeal, customers are intrinsically more trusting of your business. Investing in pylons signs for your Perth business is a great way to get this kind of visibility and capture your customer’s attention.

Benefits of Pylon Signs

Now that we’ve established the important role that effective signage plays in attracting customers, the next step is determining which sign is right for your business. This is crucial as the wrong type of sign will fail to give your business the right type of exposure. This can mean the difference between your revenue “just getting by” to going “through the roof”. To that end, there are a number of reasons why pylon signs are advantageous.

Durability: Because pylon signs are built to last, this means that they only need to be bought once and will last you a lifetime. At SignBiz WA, our process ensures that our pylon signs in Perth stand the test of time and are not only durable but look just as good years later down the track.

Visibility: Simply put, pylon signs are incredibly effective at standing out when placed next to more traditional signs especially as their colours are optimised for brilliance and have high impact. To increase visibility, pylon signs are also completely customisable to accurately reflect your business and brand.

Versatility: With pylon signs, the only limit is your imagination as there is an incredibly wide array of fabrications and colours to choose from. Our expert creative design team at SignBiz WA also have years of experience under their belt to ensure that every pylon sign produced in Perth exceeds your expectations and makes a lasting first impression. Our freestanding pylon signs are sure to have your business shining!

Why choose SignBiz WA?

For over 20 years, SignBiz WA has been Perth’s leading sign manufacturing and installation specialist dedicated to producing high quality pylon signs in Perth. Produced locally, we employ the latest factory equipment and design methodology to ensure all our signs meet our exceptionally high standards and exceed your expectations on quality and service.

At SignBiz WA, our talented creative design team will work with you every step of the way to create head turning, visually impactful pylon signs for your Perth business that reflect your brand and budget accurately.

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Investing in high quality, custom pylon signs for your Perth business is an investment that is sure to reap massive rewards. If you’d like more information or you are ready to create high impact pylon signs, then contact us today on 0451 565 461 or send an email to for a free quote to discuss your pylon signage requirements.