About Us

About Us


There are countless sign making companies in Perth, but not many can compare to SignBizWA for our experience and commitment to quality. Our factory and signwriters use the latest equipment, technology and design techniques to create high quality signs for Perth businesses.  Our signage solutions can be seen all over Perth, including the Perth metro area, Malaga, Wangara, Armadale, Morley, Belmont, Midland and Joondalup.

With over 35 years experience in the Perth signage industry we have always strived to not only push the boundaries in Perth sign design, but also to maintain the highest quality work at an affordable price.

Our Approach


Your business’s signs not only attract potential customers but it communicates everything unsaid by sales materials.  Having a well designed, clean sign is the first impression.  The right sign draws in the curious customer who is attracted to your business’s seeming commitment to all things they value, quality and service.

SignBiz WA shares that commitment.  Our goal is to create signs for Perth business that help transform sales from average to exceptional.  The signs we create are designed to make the right first impression.  As any businessperson knows, first impressions are often make or break potential sales.  SignBiz WA is dedicated to providing the quality first impression your Perth business seeks.  With over 20 years of experience in the field, our signs stand the test of time and we know what it takes to create Perth signage that elevates your business beyond the competition!

We Design

We Design

SignbizWA have an extremely talented inhouse team of designers here in Perth with international experience that are ready to sit with you and design your sign, graphics or company branding.

We Manufacture

We Manufacture

SignbizWA are a proudly owned and operated Western Australian company, based in Perth.   We pride ourselves on keeping our manufacturing ‘inhouse’ in our own factory and source locally owned materials to keep your job on time and on budget.   With over 35 years experience in the industry we manufacture state of the art signage.

We Install

We Install

Our SignbizWA installation team are some of the top installers in Perth.   We understand that having the perfect and precise installation for your signage is just as important as your branding.   With our own installation equipment and experience, there is no job to big or too small.


Team - over 35 years experience

Quality manufacture and installation

Quality customer care management

Our Work


Having good signage is a must.  It will not only make your business stand out; it can also sell your business to potential customers or clients.  At SignbizWA, we have been helping Perth businesses make an impact with professional sign solutions for many years.  Click the below link to see some of our existing work including pylon signs, metal signs, building signs, awning signs, A-frames, corflute signs and vehicles signage.


Ben Abbott


How long in industry? 20 years too long.

What made you choose signage? Fell into it from a friend.  It chose me.

Favourite job/project? Fifty wrap or Dongara drive in light box.

Nickname? Chief or Benjina..

Likes? 4wding, footy, dogs and long walks on the beach listening to Whitney Houston.

Dislikes? Umpires. John Stamos

Interests outside of work? Kicking the footy, old cars and BBQs.

Pets? Jaxy, Boarder Colie x Kelpie – likes ball, ball, ball, ball…and Tyler.

Best thing about SignbizWA? The boss!!!   The staff are pretty good too 😉  Love coming to work every day, except Mondays.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I don’t plan on growing up.

If you were the boss at SignbizWA for the day what would you do? Watch the footy and go to the pub with my mates.

Keith Pope

Production Manager

How long in industry? 15 years (almost 8 at SignBiz WA)

What made you choose signage? Wanted more of a career and was      interested in the design and graphics side of signage.

Favourite job/project? Vehicle wrapping – “Fifty” custom car we wrapped         that was unveiled at Summernats.

Nickname? Beef, K-banga and Popey

Likes? Spending time with family and friends, Cars (especially VW Kombis), beer, food (especially donuts), lawn, and most sports.

Dislikes? Cheese

Interests outside of work? Mowing my lawn, beer tasting, watching footy and motor racing.

Pets? 1 – Molly our King Charles Cavalier x Shih tzu

Best thing about SignbizWA?– the people, the variety of jobs we do and the ability to advance yourself in areas of interests.

What did you want to be when you grew up? V8 Supercar driver / Graphic Designer

If you were the boss at SignBiz for the day what would you do? Give    everyone the day off to go to the pub! 😉

James Carpenter

Business Development Manager

How long in industry? 17 years

What made you choose signage? I wasn’t challenged enough in my work at       the time.  Now some people think I’m a challenge.

Favourite job/project? Meeting people – which is kinda handy given what I       


Likes? Rowing, red wine., the Bush, bourbon history, white wine, reading. gin    & tonics …. wait – think I see a pattern here….

Dislikes? I like to think very few, but probably the same number as most

Interests outside of work?  See ‘Likes’

Pets? Pretzel, a miniature schnauzer – small on the outside – gigantic on the

Best thing about SignbizWA? The depth of talent spread across the relatively few people in it.

What did you want to be when you grew up? In the navy, ss an Officer of ..

If you were the boss at SignBiz for the day what would you do? Geez – where would you start?? Seriously though – we’re better than we think we             We just need the confidence sometimes to embrace innovation and            difference. 

Haze Koelmeyer

Graphic Designer


How long in the industry? 11 years

 What made you choose signage? I didn’t choose signage. Signage chose me! lol Yeh nah I get a
feeling of achievement and pride when I see my work around the place.

 Favourite job/project? vehicle wraps and

 Nickname? Hazey, Hazo,
Purple Haze, Spidey

 Likes? Rain, fitness,
memes, UFC, chilli chips, MARVEL, Bruce Lee, Spider-man, cats!

 Dislikes? tomatoes (diced is
an exemption), vinegar, hard-boiled egg, negativity

 Interests outside work? Mixed Martial arts
(MMA), calisthenics/bodyweight workouts, toy collecting, drawing, hiking

 Pets? 3 cats! Chowder, Truffles, and Nugget

 Best thing about signbizWA? A chilled vibe with the crew being laid back and a good sense of humour.

 What did you want to be when you grew up? A paleontologist. Yup, the Jurassic Park movies did that

 If you were the boss at SignbizWA for the day what would you do? 4 day work week. Yearly bonus. A workout for everyone in the morning before the work day begins hehe

Chelsie Sinclair


How long in industry? 5 Minutes

What made you choose signage? 

Favourite job/project? Posting Tiktoks or Chasing up money owed.

Nickname? Chelso

Likes? Pasta, Reading, Footy, Carlton Football Club.

Dislikes? Olives, Carlton Football club.

Interests outside of work? hanging with my family, reading, gym, Footy. 

Pets? Remington – Long haired Jack Russell – he’s VERY annoying, but VERY cute.

Best thing about SignbizWA? Great laid back crew, always lots of laughs while the quality of work is top notch.

What did you want to be when you grew up?  Ill Let you know when (if) I  actually grow up..

If you were the boss at SignBiz for the day what would you do? Implement 4 day work weeks. Friday Pub lunches

Rusty Snook

Sign Writer/Installer

How long in industry? 3 years

What made you choose signage? Everyday is different , a new task , a new job to complete , the constant on the job learning. 

Favourite job/project? Installing the new illuminated roof top sign on the workshop roof

Nickname? Rut

Likes? Time with my family , hanging with mates , cold beer , cold bourbon….. just like to have a good time as often as I can

Dislikes? This could be a long list… flies , someone tell me why we need flies ?!!

Interests outside of work? Hockey , snorkelling , more hockey , drinking , camping , making jerky, again , this could be a long list

Pets? Cat, Ash

Best thing about SignbizWA?– The entire crew . A very confident and well put together team

What did you want to be when you grew up? If I didn’t become a professional hockey player then it’d have to have been a “Professional Mirror Cleaner ” because that’s a job I can really see myself doing hahaha

If you were the boss at SignBiz for the day what would you do? Paid day off for everyone

Zane Lyon

Sign Writer/Installer

How long in industry? Just over 2 years

What made you choose signage? I thought it would be fun to try it out and now I’m 2 years in and loving it.

Favourite job/project?

Nickname? Zano, Zoin, Zanetrain, Zane R33 Train etc..

Likes? Basketball, cars, going out.

Hobbies? See Likes.

Pets? 2 Dogs, 2 Cats.

Best thing about SignbizWA? Bens Singing. (Tbore as the honourable mention)

What did you want to be when you grew up? A Police Officer

Pearl Clayton

Sign Writer/Installer


How long in industry? 3 months

What made you choose signage? I just happened to fall into it through school workplacement

Favourite job/project? any job where i don’t manage somehow cut myself hahaha

Nickname? Pearla

Likes? Beach, my doggos, bubble tea, good tunes, good company

Dislikes? bananas, vodka

Interests outside of work? Dancing, painting/drawing, partying hard, camping, 4wding

Pets? Shilby (kelpie x malamute) and Max (doberman) – dumbest dog to ever exist. Also have 2 budgies called Pepper and Nimrod

Best thing about SignbizWA? The welcoming environment and banter

What did you want to be when you grew up? Interior designer, sport teacher, dance teacher, vet – could never make up my mind

If you were the boss at SignbizWA for the day what would you do? Make 4 day working weeks

Ben Clements

Sign Writer/Team Leader


How long in industry? 19 years

What made you choose signage? Such a varying trade with a heap of different types of jobs to be done . Doing different tasks every day.

Favourite job/project? Traditional sign writing


Likes? long walks on the beach ……….

Dislikes? gronks

Interests outside of work? Vintage chopper motorcycles hot rods and custom cars skateboarding and my lovely family

Pets? Cat guy

Best thing about SignbizWA? Great bunch of likeminded people who enjoy work and life

What did you want to be when you grew up? Fashion or interior designer

If you were the boss at SignbizWA for the day what would you do? Nice summer day early start on a friday signwriting a big wall then finish for 2 o clock nock and have a BBQ with a couple of mid strength frothys with the team



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