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SignBizWA’s lightbox signage solutions offer businesses a blend of functionality, style, and impact. Our lightbox signage solutions are a testament to our commitment to combining innovative technology with creative designs to enhance business visibility and branding.

Lightbox signs with their illuminated backgrounds and vibrant displays, are a powerful tool for capturing attention in both daytime and nighttime environments. These signs are particularly effective because they provide a luminous and eye-catching display that is hard to miss, making them ideal for high-traffic areas or businesses seeking to stand out in competitive markets.

At SignBizWA, we specialise in customising lightbox signs to meet the unique needs and branding requirements of each business. Whether it’s for retail storefronts, corporate offices, restaurants, or other business types, our lightbox signs are designed to align with the client’s specific aesthetic and marketing goals. The versatility of these signs allows for a wide range of applications, from bold, graphic displays to more subtle, sophisticated branding elements.

With cutting-edge LED technology, it not only ensures a bright, evenly lit display but also offers energy efficiency and long-term cost savings. LEDs are known for their longevity and low maintenance, making them a practical choice for businesses looking to invest in durable signage solutions.

The team at SignBizWA handles every aspect of the lightbox sign process, from the initial design and material selection to the manufacturing and installation. This comprehensive approach ensures that each sign is not only visually appealing but also built to last, withstanding the diverse weather conditions of WA.

Why Choose a Lightbox Sign for Your Business?

If your business goal is to encourage customers to walk through your doors, then our lightbox signs in Perth are ideal for you.  Not only will our team design, create and assist with installing your sign for you, but we’ll also ensure your new sign aligns with your existing marketing material and branding.  We want your sign to be a reflection of both our high level of craftsmanship, and your high level of service offering, which is why we’re dedicated to ensuring you receive a product you are truly happy with and exceeds your expectations on quality and service.

A lightbox sign is the perfect solution for those wanting to ensure their business is seen, regardless of the time of day.  What better way to capture the attention of someone passing by than by having your very own beautiful, engaging and bright sign? Lightbox signage is also crucial for certain situations such as for exit signs in cinemas, showing whether a motel is open or closed, illuminating a large café menu above the counter, or for adding that extra something special to your shop sign.  These signs can also be made as either freestanding or fascia signs, and can be illuminated by incandescent, fluorescent or LED lighting which keeps your business shining!

Our creative design team is on hand to collaborate with you and your business and help you design, manufacture and install high impact signs that truly reflect your brand.

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