Give your business some “WOW factor” with vehicle signage from Perth’s leading sign makers, SignBiz WA.

With our year-round great weather, vehicle signage in Perth looks absolutely stunning and will capture the attention of other drivers (who, will still of course pay attention to the road) resulting in increased business. These signs can be printed in brilliant/vibrant colours and are designed not to be the drab types of magnets, but vivid and alive!

Vehicle signs come in many different forms including:

At SignBiz WA the goal is to have your vehicle sign as the sharpest thing on the road – even if the road is filled with amazing sports cars! We often refer to vehicle signage as “mobile marketing” because that’s really what it is. Your vehicle sign will stand out and the implicit communication to potential customers is that your business is exceptionally positioned to deliver outstanding service!

At SignBiz WA, we understand the importance of a consistent brand. We work closely with our clients to ensure every piece of vehicle signage we produce fits in with their style guide. We specialise in turning your car into a professional and affordable medium to advertise your business.

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