Fascia Signs

There are many advantages to using fascia signs for your businesses – their durability and versatility are the main selling points and fortunately for Western Australia, SignBiz WA offers multitudes of options for custom fascia signs.

SignbizWA develop and optimize the right product and look for your business signage.   We take into consideration the architecture of the area and ensure that your sign will not only stand out to your customers and potential customers but be clear and compliment your brand.

Durability: Fascia signs are built to last.  At SignBiz WA our process for creating these signs focuses on making sure the fascia sign is bought one time and lasts for all-time.  Fascia signs stand the test of time.  SignBiz WA creates fascia signs that are durable and look as good years later as they did when first displayed.

Visibility: Fascia signs stand out compared to other signs.  Because these signs are attached directly to the building’s structure, they do not impede the sightlines into the business itself, allowing your business’s product maximum exposure not impeded by signage. These signs provide unmatched visibility from the street and other exterior locations.

Versatility: Fascia signs can be fabricated in any type of way such as different fonts and colours.  They can be illuminated with a variety of colours.  The only limit to fascia signs is your own personal creativity, but SignBiz WA’s consultants will explore all possibilities to provide maximum exposure for your business.

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